When The Old Church Bell That We Love So

When the old church bell that we love so well
Swings aloft in belfry tall,
With a joyous peal,
O how glad we feel!
As we hasten to its call.

Hark! the old church bell, in its glad chimes dwell,
Invitations sweet and clear;
Let us haste away in the early day
To the Sunday-school so dear.

Hear the old church bell as its glad notes swell
On the balmy morning air
Parents, teachers, all
At its pleading call,
Gather at the house of pray’r. [Refrain]

Swings the old church bell, O its measures tell
Invitations soft and sweet,
And our school-mates dear,
As its chimes they hear
Speed to school with willing feet. [Refrain]

Ring the old church bell, over hill and dell,
Spread afar the tuneful peal,
Call the street-waifs in,
Let them now begin
In the Sunday-school to kneel. [Refrain]