When The People Of All Nations Have Been

When the people of all nations have been told of Jesus’ birth,
And the story of his dying love is known;
When the tidings of salvation have been preach’d o’er all the earth,
He will come and claim his lov’d ones for his own.

We shall see him, we shall see him,
We shall see him in his beauty when the shadows flee away;
We shall see him, we shall see him,
We shall see him rob’d in beauty on that day.

When the Greenland’s icy mountains, and far India’s coral strand,
Ev’ry ear shall hear of Jesus Christ the Son;
How they mock’d him, how they scourg’d him, how they nail’d his loving hand,
How he died on Calv’ry’s cross for ev’ry one. [Chorus]

All the world shall hear the gospel, ev’ry knee before him bend,
Ev’ry tongue confess that he is Lord of all;
Then the grave shall burst asunder, and the ransom’d shall descend,
And the sea shall yield its treasures at his call. [Chorus]

Hark, we hear the trumpet sounding, see the heavens like a scroll
Rolling back, while angels rally at his call;
Then delay no longer, sinner, and your name for Christ enroll;
Even so, Lord Jesus, come and take us all. [Chorus]