When The Poor Lepers Case I Read

When the poor leper’s case I read,
My own described I feel;
Sin is a leprosy indeed,
Which none but Christ can heal.

What anguish did my soul endure,
Till hope and patience ceased?
The more I strove myself to cure,
The more the plague increased.

While thus I lay distressed, I saw
The Savior passing by;
To him, though filled with shame and awe,
I raised my mournful cry.

Lord, thou canst heal me if thou wilt,
Oh pity to me shew,
O cleanse my leprous soul from guilt;
My filthy heart renew.

He heard, and with a gracious look,
Pronounced the healing word;
“I will–be clean,” and while he spoke,
I felt my health restored.

Come, sinners seize the present hour,
The Savior’s grace to prove;
He can relieve, for he is power,
He will, for he is love.

The Hartford Selection of Hymns from the most approved authors,