When The Port Of Heaven Opens To A World

When the port of heaven opens to a world redeemed from sin,
When the great arch foe is vanquished, and the victors enter in,
There will be a burst of triumph, like the sounding of the sea,-
Like the voice of many waters shall that glorious anthem be:

Glory, glory to His name,
Now and evermore the same;
Let the ceaseless chorus be-
Christ, whose love has set me free.

There the harps shall thrill as harps were never known to thrill before,
And no voices shall be silent on the safe and happy shore,
But with glorious commingling shall the mighty anthem swell,
To the King of kings, and Lord or lords, who hath done all things well. [Refrain]

And when ceaseless ages shall have passed, with ages yet to come,
When from all of earthly sorrow free we rest within that home,
Still the chorus shall be pealing forth, unchanging, grand and free;
“Unto Him who hath redeemed us let eternal glory be!” [Refrain]