When The Prophet Daniel Prayed To God

When the prophet Daniel prayed to God on bended knee,
With his windows open wide, despite the king’s decree,
And they cast him in the lions’ den, his life to close,
God was able to deliver him from all his foes.

For God’s angel is encamping,
Round about all them that fear Him;
He is able to deliver
All who put their trust in Him.

Wherefore is the king so sad, and wherefore does he fast?
As he thinks of Daniel, who within the den is cast;
O, thou servant of the living God, tell me, I pray,
From the lions’ cruel power can He save today? [Refrain]

O king, live forever! and from anxious care be free,
For my God has sent His angel to deliver me;
He has shut the lions’ mouths, my soul in triumph sings,
Oh, what joy to trust for shelter underneath His wings! [Refrain]

From the roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour,
God is able to deliver by His mighty power;
And the soul who comes to Jesus with his sins oppressed,
He is able to deliver and to give him rest. [Refrain]

He is able to deliver, and to keep in peace,
Till life’s pilgrimage is ended and my conflicts cease;
And when Death, the latest enemy, shall end the strife,
He is able to deliver and to crown with life. [Refrain]