When The Sabbath Morning Comes With Holy

When the Sabbath morning comes,
With a cheerful changing voice,
Let the Sabbath bell call to ev’ry one,
In the high and lowly house.
Let their call sound loud and free,
Over meadow, hill and plain,
From the frozen North to the torrid South,
And in lands beyond the sea.

Ring the bells, Sabbath bells,
With a clear, loud sound let them welcome all,
Ring the bells, Sabbath bells,
‘Tis the Sabbath day’s earnest call.

On each Sabbath day’s return,
Let the call go forth the same;
If the day have clouds, if the day be bright,
Holy lessons each one may learn.
Let the aged hear the sound,
Calling unto them to come,
Come and bring the youth, come and teach the truth,
Where salvation must be found. [Refrain]

When the Sabbath morning comes,
Let each one extend their call;
Call the rich and poor, call the great and small,
Welcome to you the Sabbath homes.
May be some have never heard,
That the bells are rung for them;
They may learn to know, of our blessed Lord,
From his own most precious word. [Refrain]