When The Savior Went To Heaven

When the Savior went to Heaven,
To His home on high,
Left the promise to His children,
To return by and by;
His disciples thro’ the ages
Have believed that word;
They have thought upon His promise
And expect their Lord.

He is coming, Christ is coming,
He is coming from on high (hallelujah!)
He is coming, surely coming,
And the day is drawing nigh.

Jesus left this earth for Heaven,
That bright home above,
To the faithful ones is given
A sweet home filled with love;
Let us watch and wait with patience
That delightful hour,
When our Lord will come from glory
In His mighty power. [Refrain]

When He cometh, all the faithful
Will His face behold,
And the resurrection trumpet
Will the glad news unfold;
All the righteous ones will hear Him,
From their graves arise,
And be carried home to Heaven,
Far beyond the skies. [Refrain]