When The Shades Of Night Are Falling And

When the shades of night are falling,
And the sun has gone to rest,
We can hear the Father calling
From the regions of the blest,
Asking for our hearts’ devotion-
For our humble, fervent pray’r,
Knowing that our cares and sorrows
May be told to him while there.

Here we thank him for his presence
And his keeping thro’ the day,
And for all the many blessings
We’ve enjoyed along the way.
Here we tell him all our trials,
All our burdens and our needs,
And the blessed Spirit, list’ning,
Gently for us intercedes.

How our Father then assures us
That he understands it all;
Even tho’ our pray’rs are feeble,
He can hear the faintest call.
And regards with deepest pleasure
Ev’ry offering we bring,
How our praises rise like incense,
As to him by faith we cling!

Oh, how sweet to thus be favored
By this precious holy One!
Father’s love to us extended
Thro’ his dear beloved Son.
By his grace we’ll follow closely
In his footsteps thro’ the day,
Then, when eve’s devotion calls us,
With enjoyment we can pray.