When The Shadows Fast Are Creeping

When the shadows fast are creeping
Round the trust thy soul is keeping,
When thine eyes are dim with weeping,
Dim with watching for the dawn;
Does his banner, floating o’er thee,
And his loving voice before thee,
In compassion still implore thee
Just to trust and follow on?

In his boundless grace abiding,
In his promise sweet confiding,
In his blessed presence hiding,
When the sorest trials come;
And tho’ tempests break above thee,
Trusted comrades cease to love thee,
Furnace flames arise to prove thee,
Trust him still and follow on.

When the long dark night is waning,
Ere the peaceful morn is reigning,
All thy hopes and fears explaining,
Art thou left to weep alone?
Are a thousand foes oppressing,
Grief thy burdened heart distressing?
Bear thy sorrow with his blessing,
Simply trust and follow on.

Faithful still his armor bearing,
Neither fainting nor despairing,
Meekly of his sorrow sharing,
Till with yonder ransomed throng,
At the jasper gates unfolding,
With immortal view beholding,
Join with anthems sweet and olden
In the everlasting song.