When The Shadows Gather And The Way

When the shadows gather, and the way is dark and drear,
And the cross too heavy for me feeble strength to bear,
How my heart rejoices when the Master speaks to me,
Fear not, burdened soul, for I will comfort thee.

Bear the cross, for surely I am with thee,
I will aid thee all the weary way,
No temptation e’er can overcome thee,
Grace I give sufficient, only watch and pray.

When I think of all he suffered there on Calvary,
From the curse of sin to set my burdened spirit free,
Then the clouds and darkness from my soul are borne away,
And again I hear my Savior softly say. [Refrain]

Oh, ’tis sweet to trust him and to know that he is near;
Day by day he walks with me, my fainting heart to cheer;
In the Father’s kingdom there’s a place prepared for me,
Where with him in glory I shall ever be. [Refrain]