When The Shadows Gather Round You

When the shadows gather round you,
And in fear you tread your way,
Stumbling on amid the darkness,
Brother, don’t forget to pray!
For the Savior will be watching,
List’ning to your pleading cry;
Then recall the Father’s promise:
“I will guide thee with Mine eye.”

In the hour when grief and sorrow
Cling around your bruised heart;
When the hopes that led you onward
Like the summer birds depart;
Tho’ the sky above seem heavy,
Thro’ it shines no cheering ray;
Then, while leaning on His promise,
Brother, don’t forget to pray.

When the world has heaped its laurels,
Laid its riches at your feet;
When your earthly aspirations
Have been satisfied, complete;
Don’t forget the danger, brother,
That will meet you in the way;
In the midst of all your triumphs,
Brother, don’t forget to pray.

Do you yearn for souls, my brother,
Do you long to see them come?
Bowing low before the Master,
Who will bid them welcome home?
Trust not in the arm of weakness;
Hear the heav’nly Father say:
‘When thou callest I will answer;”
Brother, don’t forget to pray.