When The Sky Is Clear And I Know No Fear

When the sky is clear and I know no fear,
And my heart is glad and free,
Thru the joyous day I can boldly say
That the Lord is true to me.

Oh, the Lord is true, he is faithful and true
As no other friend could be;
And whate’er o’ertake he will not forsake,
For the Lord is true to me.

When the clouds arise and the low’ring skies
Hide the broad expanse of the blue,
I will trust him still to protect from ill,
For I know that he is true. [Refrain]

Tho’ the furnace heat should upon me beat,
When at peace I fain would be,
It is not in ire that he sends the fire,
‘Tis because he’s true to me. [Refrain]

Tho’ he hide his face when I need his grace,
And his smiles I long to see,
I shall know at last when the storms are past,
He was ever true to me. [Refrain]