When The Sky Is Sparkling With The Morni

When the sky is sparking with the morning light,
When the roses glitter with the dewdrops bright,
When around your pathway many blessings throng,
Lift your heart to Jesus in a joyful song.

Lift your heart to the King above,
Trusting in his love;
Lift a prayer to Jesus as you pass along;
When he sends the answer, praise him with a song.

When a cloud of trouble hides the sunny blue,
Brightly shines a rainbow, with its promise true;
When a burden presses, whether grief or care,
Lift your heart to Jesus in a silent prayer. [Refrain]

When temptations meet you, seek his mighty pow’r,
Making you a victor in the trying hour;
Whether sun or shadow, on his grace depend;
Lift your heart to Jesus,-trust him to the end. [Refrain]