When The Summons Shall Come

When the summons shall come to the Judgment at last,
And this life with its deeds shall be finished and past;
Oh, I tremble to think what my portion would be
Were there no one to plead at the Judgment for me.

Lo, there stands in the midst of the Judgment, a Lamb,
Which was slain for poor sinners-a sinner I am;
And at last, when I stand there, in silence, my plea
Will be enter’d by Jesus, who’ll answer for me.

I have wander’d so far from a Father so kind,
And so long in the lap of the world have reclined,
That amid the dark thunders of Judgment I see
Only one ground of hope for a sinner like me. [Refrain]

I would never dare stand at the Judgment alone
With a conscience profaned and a heart as of stone;
But the man of deep sorrows and dark Calvary
Will be ready to stand at the Judgment with me. [Refrain]