When The Sun Is Shining Bright In The Cl

When the sun is shining bright in the clear blue sky,
And the clouds, so soft and white, are slowly drifting by;
Where the gaily tinted flow’rs their sweet perfume give,
What a pleasant, happy world this is in which to live.

We are glad, so glad all the joyous day,
For we never can be sad while all around our way
We can see His love shining ev’ry where,
And we praise Him that He makes the world so bright and fair.

When the tear-like raindrops fall with a patt’ring sound,
To refresh the drooping flowers, and cheer the thirsty ground,
With the flow’rs our hearts rejoice, as they seem to say:
“What a loving hand it is that sends this rain today.” [Refrain]

So, in sunshine or in rain, cloudy skies or fair,
We will praise him for his love, and for his tender care;
And we’ll live and work for him ev’ry passing day,
Trusting his dear hand to lead us all along the way. [Refrain]