When The Sun Of Life Fades Into Crimson

When the sun of life fades into crimson and gold,
And the mists of eternity o’er me have rolled,
I shall look thro’ the shadows that fall with the night,
And catch the bright gleam of the City of Light.

Shadows? Yes, shadows I know will be there!
Shadows? Yes shadows! but not of despair!
For morning will break,
And I shall awake
To dwell with my King, and His glory share.

I shall stand on the shore of the Mystery Sea,
Shrinking not at the darkness, though deep it may be;
“For I know in whom I have believed,” and fear
No shadow or danger, for He will be near. [Chorus]

As the lengthening shaddows are lost in the gloom,
And I walk thro’ the midnight with Death, in the tomb,
A new Star will arise o’er the night of the grave,
And Jesus will come in His power to save. [Chorus]