When The Sunlight Is Hiding And Courage

When the sunlight is hiding and courage gone,
To the highlands of hope look away,
There love is abiding to lead us on,
To reach the heights forever to stay.

Look away, look away,
To the highlands of hope,
Look away, look away,
Where heaven’s blessing is waiting for you,
Look away, look away,
To Him who is guiding be true,
Away from earth’s sorrow to heaven’s tomorrow,
Look away, look away.

There are blossoms of beauty and peace untold,
To the highlands of peace look away,
Each pathway of duty new joy unfolds
The soul that’s true shall reach it some day. [Refrain]

Soon the sun will be shining and night be past,
As the highlands of love shall appear,
No longer repining, our joy at last
Shall far outweigh the burdens we bear. [Refrain]