When The Toils Of Life Are Ended And Our

When the toils of life are ended,
And our hearts are freed from care,
In the bright, the bright forever,
We shall meet our loved ones there.

Over there, over there,
In the city whose streets are golden,
We shall meet our loved ones,
We shall meet our loved ones there.

We will watch, and pray, and wrestle,
And endure this earthly strife;
Ever stand among the faithful,
Ever wear a “crown of life.” [Chorus]

When we cross “the rolling river,”
And have reached the “Shining shore,”
We will sing his praises ever,
With the loved ones gone before. [Chorus]

In that bright eternal city,
In that heav’nly mansion fair,
We shall ever dwell with Jesus,
And our loved ones over there. [Chorus]