When The Trees Are Young

When the trees are young and small
They are watched with tender care
Trained and bent for perfect growing,
Thus abundant fruit to bear;
So the little ones must be
Very early trained to grow
Strong and upright for the Master
In his garden here below.

To the Saviour we belong,
Now we sing our happy song;
We are growing up for Jesus,
We will always shun the wrong.

As the tender little lambs
Must be kept within the fold
Shielded from all want and danger
And the blast of winter’s cold,
So must little boys and girls
Precious lambs now young and pure
Be within the fold of Jesus
From all enemies secure. [Chorus]

In the early days of youth
Is the time to seek the Lord
To remember the Creator
As ’tis written in his Word;
Thus in Sunday School we learn
How to grow, good fruit to bear;
Here we’re kept in perfect safety
Where the foe cannot ensnare. [Chorus]