When The Trials Of Life Seem To Crush Us

When the trials of life seem to crush us by their weight,
When the evil rise against us ev’rywhere;
With the help of the Lord we shall triumph in the end,
If we cast on him our ev’ry care.

Then thanks be unto God,
Who causeth us to triumph in the name of Christ, our King,
Yes, thanks be unto God,
Unto him let all their praises bring.

Tho’ the tempter so subtle may try to lead astray,
All his wisdom is but folly to the Lord;
Even Jesus, our Savior, will show to us the way,
Yes, ’tis written in his holy word. [Refrain]

Tho’ our life may be gloomy and dangers threat’ning rise,
With the hosts of evil constant we contend;
For the promise is given and we shall never fear,
He will crown us victors in the end. [Refrain]