When The Troubles Gather And The Billows

When the troubles gather
And the billows roll,
Dark the way before you,
Cares oppress the soul,
There is blessed sunshine
Just beyond your view;
Oft ’tis but a trial
You are going thro’.

See the sunlight, shining bright and clear;
Blessed sunlight drives away all fear;
Look above you, clouds will disappear;
Put your trust in Jesus, he is ever near.

Tho’ you cannot fathom
Why you’re called to bear
All the heavy burdens
That you cannot share,
Keep the cross before you
In the darkest day;
Put your trust in Jesus
All along the way. [Refrain]

Go, with faith, to conquer
Trials that appear;
Know that Christ your Savior
With his help is near.
Ne’er give up the battle,
Hark though it may be,
For your Lord has promised
You the victory. [Refrain]

Tho’ severe the conflict
And the anguish deep;
Tho’ the trials heavy
That may o’er you sweep;
God is always near you,
Giving strength to bear
All the heavy burdens
When they shall appear. [Refrain]

Tried and found not wanting
Will the Master say;
Tried, yet ever faithful,
All along life’s way;
Tried as in the furnace
Of refining fire,
You shall see the triumph
Of your heart’s desire. [Refrain]