When The Troubles Of Life Like The Wild

When the troubles of life like the wild billows roll,
And the sorrows of sin are oppressing my soul,
Then the voice of my Saviour comes gentle and sweet,
And I hear Him so softly these dear words repeat.

Come, come unto Me,
O come, come unto Me,
O come unto Me and find rest to your souls,
O come and find rest to your souls.

Many times have I sought Him in grief and despair,
Many times have I bro’t Him my burden of care,
And He always has heard me and blessed, as He said,
He has taken my load and left gladness instead. [Refrain]

Had I wings-to the hungry this bread would I bring,
Had I voice-to the weeping this song would I sing,
We’ve a Saviour so kind and acquainted with grief,
We’ve a Saviour so good and so great in relief. [Refrain]