When The Veil Shall Be Uplifted

When the veil shall be uplifted,
Hiding from our mortal sight,
All that scene of wondrous glory,
Where the saints are rob’d in white.

I shall see what now I see not,
Hear what none on earth may hear;
Walk in everlasting sunshine
With my Savior ever near.

When the Savior home shall call me,
There to taste eternal joy,
Wash’d in His all-cleansing fountain,
Praise shall be my glad employ. [Chorus]

I shall tune my harp with gladness,
While in robes of glory dress’d,
Round the throne the angels worship,
Sinless and forever blest. [Chorus]

There ‘midst angels gather’d round Him,
Strains of heav’nly music flow;
I shall join th’angelic chorus,
Such as none on earth may know. [Chorus]