When The Voice Of Jesus Calls Me

When the voice of Jesus calls me,
And the angels whisper low,
I will lean upon my Savior,
In the valley as I go;
I will claim His precious promise,
Worth to me a world of gold-
Fear no evil, I’ll be with you,
When the pearly gates unfold.

I have giv’n up all for Jesus,
This vain world is naught to me,
All its pleasures are forgotten,
In remembering Calvary.
Though my friends despise, forsake me,
And on me the world looks cold,
I’ve a friend who will stand by me,
Till the pearly gates unfold.

Just beyond the waves of Jordan,
Just beyond the chilly tide,
Blooms the tree of life immortal,
Where the living waters glide.
In that happy land of spirits,
Flowers bloom on hills of gold,
And the angels are in waiting,
When the pearly gates unfold.