When The Winds Of Persecution Blow

When the winds of persecution blow,
When the streams of hatred tow’rd you flow,
When your foes in number seem to grow,
Just keep on shining.

There’s no time for folding the hands and repining,
Lift your eyes and trust in the Lord and keep shining;
Clouds will pass away, bringing the golden day;
Strengthen your heart in God and just keep shining.

When the tongues of malice scourge your name,
When on you is laid the cross of shame,
Press your way tow’rd heaven still the same:
Just keep on shining. [Refrain]

In the hour when friends misunderstand,
When you feel the tempter’s heavy hand,
When the darkness seems o’er all the land,
Just keep on shining. [Refrain]

Never mind what threatens night or day,
Never mind the hardness of the way,
Never mind what folks about you say,
Just keep on shining. [Refrain]