When The Winter Snow Descended

When the winter snow descended,
Children’s thoughts with rapture tended
T’ward the birthday of the Lord;
And throughout the Christmas festal,
Winter pure and snow of vestal,
Pleasures rich did oft afford.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Christ is risen to set us free.

But when spring comes softly breathing,
Melts the ice, and flowers wreathing,
Garlands fair each bank and strand.
Then we sing, The Lord is risen,
He has burst the rocky prison!
Easter carols fill the land. [Refrain]

So while chimes their songs are pealing,
Sing we with devotion’s feeling,
Yea, the Lord is ris’n indeed!
We with Him shall rise, death scorning,
To an endless Easter morning!
Glorious resurrection creed. [Refrain]