When The World Was Lost In Sin And Sorro

When the world was lost in sin and in sorrow,
God, in mercy sent His Son from heav’n above,
To redeem it by His blood shed on Calv’ry,
So that all the world might know His love.

“Love, love,” Beautiful, beautiful message,
“Love, love,” Sent form the Father above,
“God so loved the world that He gave His only Son,”
Beautiful, beautiful message,
“Love, love, love.”

From His Father’s house He came once a stranger,
And by cruel hands was scourged and crucified,
With a love surpassing all understanding,
For the sins of earth He gladly died. [Refrain]

Such a love as this, Oh, who can reject it,
Swing the heart’s door wide and bid Him enter in,
He will fill each heart with love, joy and gladness,
And will take away the stain of sin. [Refrain]