When This Earthly Life

When this earthly life shall end,
And our spirits they ascend,
To the bright eternal mansions of the blest,
Sweet to know our cares are o’er,
And the life that lies before
Will be never-ending, happy, happy rest,

Oh the heav’nly rest above,
In the world of peace and love
On that happy, golden shore,
We shall sorrow nevermore.

When our days of toil are past,
And the ev’ning comes at last,
If our hearts have truly honored his behest,
We shall safely cross the tide,
And the gates will open wide,
And we’ll enter into happy, happy rest. [Refrain]

Then, when breaks the glorious morn,
And our spirits, newly born,
By the night of grief and sin no more opprest,
On that happy, golden shore,
We shall dwell forever more,
In our home of ever-lasting happy rest, [Refrain]