When This Life Is Oer And We Pass

When this life is o’er, and we pass away
To that heav’nly Home on high,
We shall meet the loved who have gone before,
And no more shall we say, “Good-bye.”

When we cross the surging river
To that bright and happy home
Where no sorrow e’er can come;
Oh! that joyous, blissful meeting,
When no more we shall say, “Good-bye.”

When we’ve passed away from this world of care,
And the Lord our tears shall dry,
We will sing the song with the angel throng,
And no more shall we say, “Good-bye.” [Refrain]

With our loved ones there we shall happy be,
And though here we weep and sigh,
But no pain shall come in that heav’nly home,
And no more shall we say, “Good-bye.” [Refrain]