When Thorny Is My Pathway And Steep The

When thorny is my pathway and steep the road,
And often-times I’m sinking beneath my load,
There’s One who watches o’er me, who understands,
Who strengthens and upholds me with mighty hands.

I’ll just hold on to Jesus,
I’ll just hold on to Jesus,
He knows my ev’ry weakness and hears me when I call;
He never will forsake me,
No evil can o’ertake me,
I’ll just hold on to Jesus, then I’ll not fall.

He whispers to assure me, “I still am here,”
And ev’ry time I falter I feel Him near;
Though often I have grieved Him, He still is true,
And promises to lead me life’s journey through. [Chorus]

He’s won my heart forever, this faithful Friend,
The One upon whom always I can depend;
My hand is in His hand-clasp, so strong and true,
and while He lifts my burdens He lifts me too. [Chorus]