When Thou Art Weakest Trials Abound

When thou art weakest, trials abound,
Subtle temptations, troubles surround,
All things seem hopeless, nothing seems glad,
All is despairing, even-time sad.

Keep on believing; Jesus is near,
Keep on believing, there’s nothing to fear;
Keep on believing, this is the way,
Faith in the night-time as well as the day.

If in temptation, then He is near;
He knows thy danger, why shouldst thou fear?
He will uphold thee, cause thee to stand,
Cheering thee ever, holding thy hand. [Refrain]

I fold companions-friends of gone days-
Gather around thee, tempt to their ways,
Look to the Savior, seek Him in pray’r;
He will protect thee, never despair. [Refrain]