When Thou Passest Through The Green

When thou passeth thro’ the waters,
Wildly tho’ the billows roar,
It is written, “I am with thee,
Follow where I go before.”
When the rivers of affliction,
Fill thy soul with dread and fear;
They shall never overflow thee,
I, the Lord, am ever near.

When the fiery burning furnace,
Seems to hedge thy way around,
Even on thy garment’s borders,
Burn or flame shall not be found,
For the Holy One, thy Savior,
I, the Lord, will be thy shield;
I have t thee out of bondage,
Nor to foes thy light will yield.

Thou wast precious in my presence,
I have loved thee with a care,
That is far beyond a mother’s,
For her child of love and prayer
I have found thee, yea, have made thee,
And have called thy name by mine;
For my glory have created,
And will keep by pow’r divine.