When Thoughts Of Sinful Days Gone By

When thought of sinful days gone by
Would haunt me with their pain,
This thought restores my fearful soul,–
I sing the glad refrain:–

The past is under the blood,
I’m reconciled to God.
My sin’s forgiv’n!
I’m bound for heav’n!
All glory be to God!

The promise is for whomsoe’er
His mercy doth implore;
“Thy many sins,” he says, “will I
Remember never more.” [Refrain]

How blest is he whose sin and guilt
(He strove in vain to hide)
Are covered with the precious stream
That flows from Calv’ry’s side! [Refrain]

O precious blood! O love divine!
What words thy praise can show?
Or speak the rapture that is mine,
Since this, through grace, I know? [Refrain]