When To Jesus The King In Repentance I C

When to Jesus, the King, in repentance I came,
And knelt at His throne, pleading grace in His name,
What a wonderful smile on His face I could see.
In forgiveness He held out the sceptre to me.

‘Twas the sceptre of love and of pardoning grace,
‘Twas the sceptre of mercy so free;
The King of all heaven bent down from His throne,
And held out the sceptre to me.

What a sinner was I, and how far I had stray’d,
For folly and sin, what a price I had paid,
I was hopeless indeed, as I stood all alone,
Till I heard His sweet call and approach’d His white throne. [Refrain]

If to Jesus, the King, you will now yield your heart,
He’ll make it His home, and will never depart,
Just repent and confess, then what joy it will be,
Just to have Jesus hold our His sceptre to thee. [Refrain]