When Tossing On The Billows

When tossing on the billows
Of life’s tempestuous deep;
When wild and restless waters
Forbid our eyes to sleep;
By Him whoever liveth
To rescue and to save
These blessed words so precious
Are wafted o’er the wave.

There’s light beyond the river,
There’s light beyond the sea,
O fainting soul, take courage,
Behold, it shines for thee.

When days are dark and lonely,
And all our comforts fail,
When wind and storm and tempest
Have rent our shattered sail,
These words again repeated
Our drooping spirits cheer,
And in their low, soft murmur
We lose each thought of fear. [Refrain]

When hopes that seem to promise
A future, calm and bright,
Are fading, like the sunshine,
Whose beams are veiled in night;
We hear, amid the darkness,
Tho’ not a star is see;
There’s light beyond the river,
Unclouded and serene. [Refrain]