When Troubles Him Thee Round When Foes D

When troubles hem thee round, when foes distress,
And thou to heav’n thy fervent pray’r address,
To thee a list’ning ear th’ almighty lend,
Thee by his name may Jacob’s God defend:
From his resplendent throne assistance give,
From Sions sacred temple bid thee live;
Thy victims at his altar not forget;
And thy oblations graciously accept;
Grant to thy heart’s desire the ask’d success,
Dispel thy woes, and all thy counsels bless.
And when th’ almighty God has given his aid,
And crown’d with conquest thy anointed head,
We’ll join thy triumphs with according voice,
And in thy great deliv’rer we’ll rejoice.
For well we know thou art th’ eternal’s care,
That from his lofty throne thy suit he’ll hear;
That not in vain thou’lt on his pow’r rely;
His strong right-hand will give thee victory.
Let the proud heathen in their cars confide,
And on their harnest’d steeds exulting ride;
Be they their empty boaft more wifely we
Depend, O God, on thy great name and thee.
Their harnest’d steeds, their falchion’d chariots fail,
Nor in the day of deep distress prevail;
See, low they fall, while, in thy pow’r we rise,
And snatch the conquest from our enemies.
Save us and hear–on thee we call, O Lord;
While thou thy strong protection wilt afford,
We dare the menac’d battle of the foe;
Fruitless, he darts the spear, and bends the bow.