When Upon Bended Knee Jesus Whispered To

When upon bended knee, Jesus whispered to me,
Sweeter voice I had never heard;
But the years as they roll bring a joy to my soul,
As I linger upon his word.

For he is sweeter as the years roll by,
To be worthy of his love I’ll try;
So I’ll love him more and more,
As I near the other shore,
For he is sweeter as the years roll by.

Ev’ry day is a joy sin can never destroy,
Ev’ry moment in peace I dwell;
But I’m longing to stand face to face, hand in hand,
With the One whom I love so well. [Refrain]

Days may come, they must go, as a torrent they flow,
Rushing on to eternity;
But the time as it flies, brings me nearer the prize
That awaits when my King I’ll see. [Refrain]