When Upon The Raging Waters

When upon the raging waters,
In the dark and stormy night,
The disciples hard were toiling,
Weary with the losing fight;
When their hearts were filled with terror,
And their fears would not be laid,
Then the voice of Jesus cheered them:
It is I, be not afraid!

When the storms of life assail us,
Billows rise on ev’ry hand,
When the wind’s discordant shrieking
Echoes far o’er sea and land;
When the enemies have gathered
And their worst attacks have made;
Then our Savior’s voice sustains us:
It is I, be not afraid!

When we seem to walk in darkness,
Threatened by the pow’rs of hell,
When we think no ray of mercy
Can the heavy gloom dispel;
When the fearful hand of sorrow
Like a pall on us is laid,
Jesus’ voice sounds thro’ the darkness:
It is I, be not afraid!

Ah, what we regard as danger
Often is but fancy wrought,
And our foolish dread of darkness
Specters sees where there is naught;
We forget our Savior’s promise,
Which so solemnly He made,
When He bids us cease our worry:
It is I, be not afraid!

When at last our pathway brings us
To the vale that leads to death,
When the darkness soon enfolds us
And we feebly gasp for breath,
Yet our hearts their trust will strengthen,
As we enter in death’s shade,
For our Savior’s voice will cheer us:
It is I, be not afraid!