When We Finish All Of Lifes Short Journe

When we finish all of life’s short journey,
And we reach the golden gates above,
There we’ll sing the praises of our blessed Lord,
And for evermore will know His love.

And when we reach the golden strand,
And on the shore we stand,
Of our dear Beulah land,
And when we join the glory band
We’ll sing praises to our King.

When we walk the golden streets of Heaven,
And we lay our cares and sorrows down;
When we meet the Author of salvation free,
He will give us each a jeweled crown. [Refrain]

Thro’ the ages we will live up yonder,
In that happy home where comes no night;
There our home will be for all eternity,
In that land of sweet and pure delight. [Refrain]

Then be ready when the Bridegroom cometh,
When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound,
And the Lord shall come to call His children home,
O! be ready to receive your crown. [Refrain]