When We Hear The Distant

When we hear the distant murmur
Of the dark and swelling tide;
When we step across the waters,
And have gained the other side,-

O the rapture, holy rapture,
When we press the golden shore,
Singing, Glory! Hallelujah!
To the Lamb forevermore.

When we clasp the hand of Jesus,
And we hear His voice anew;
When we think of all the trials
That His love has brought us through,- [Refrain]

When the ties of hallowed friendship
Are united one by one,
And we know that all our sorrows
And our mourning days are done,- [Refrain]

Let us work and wait with patience,
For the time is drawing nigh,
When our blessed Lord will call us
To a home beyond the sky. [Refrain]