When We Lose A Child Or Parent

When we lose a child or parent,
husband dear, a wife, a friend,
there are painful, empty places
in our hearts until life’s end.

Though we learn to go on living,
no one takes a loved one’s place.
Is this loneliness a curse, God,
or a blessed gift of grace?

Look into these empty places
at our hidden feelings, fears;
free us, God, from guilt and anger,
and release love’s healing tears.

Lead us to recall with laughter
happy times with loved ones lost,
find the joy of loving others
worth the pain that it has cost.

Let the love we shared together
give us comfort, ease our pain,
that one day we may awaken
to your rainbow in the rain.

Thank you, God, for empty places
in our lives when loved ones die,
for they keep us still connected
as the days and years pass by.