When We Our Gracious Lord Entreat

When we our gracious Lord entreat,
And on his word rely;
Tho’ disappointments first we meet:
His grace is ever nigh.

Should he at first seem to refuse,
Yet he will grant relief;
Tho’ he reproves and doth accuse
Our doubts and unbelief.

Our faith and patience must be tries,
To make us search the ground;
Although at first we are denied,
Yet sure relief is found.

Then shall we find his promise true,
Then will his pow’r be known,
And we shall know what Christ can do
When we find what is done.

That will produce that living faith,
That will effectual prove;
To ground our hope in life and death,
In Jesus and his love.

Now since I evidently see,
My Saviour’s grace reveal’d–
I am assur’d he e’er will be,
My life, my guard and shield.