When We Pass Deaths

When we pass death’s silent portals,
When we reach the other shore,
Shall we see the lov’d and lost ones,
Those whom God has call’d before?
Shall we, in eternal sunshine,
Standing on the jasper sea,
Rob’d in white and crown’d with glory,
All our lov’d ones shall we see?

Hark! I hear angelic voices
Coming from that land so fair,
Singing, and my heart rejoices,
We shall know each other there.

When the silver cord is loosened,
When the sun of life is set,
Shall we fear to cross the river,
Shall we linger with regret?
No, we hear sweet voices calling,
Calling to us from the shore,
Calling, and the heart rejoices,
For we see our friends once more. [Chorus]

Welcome, then, the glorious dawning
Of that bright eternal day;
Who would linger in the darkness?
Oh, for wings to fly away!
No, ye blessed blood-wash’d lov’d ones,
Soon I come to join your band,
Wait for me beside the portal,
Meet me in the glory land. [Chorus]