When We Rest On Yonder Shore

When we rest on yonder shore,
When our trials all are o’er,
And the long and weary journey all is past;
O how happy we shall be,
As the pearly gates we see,
And remember we’ve been faithful to the last.

O what joy, O what joy,
When with Him we count our vict’ries o’er and o’er,,
O what joy, O what joy,
When we enter into rest for evermore.

I would gather sheave to bring,
E’er the heav’nly song I sing,
And would lay them at my blessed Saviour’s feet;
I would labor for the lost,
Never counting once the cost,
That my service for the King might be complete. [Refrain]

When the pearly gates swing wide,
He will stand close by my side,
And the bridegroom of my soul I shall behold;
He hath loved me long and well,
And the story He will tell,
As we walk together o’er the sands of gold. [Refrain]