When We See The Gospel Ship Sailing On T

When we see the Gospel ship sailing on the crystal sea,
And the heav’nly host is coming from afar,
See, her light is shining clear with her colors flying bright,
Hear the welcome call, “Ye blessed, come on board.”

Come, my brother, let us join in the happy pilgrim band,
Sailing over the ocean so wide;
Hear the sailors sweetly sing,
And the bells of heaven ring,
While sailing to a hope beyond the tide.

As we sail to yonder port with the heav’nly choir aboard,
And the music ringing out upon the air;
As, the ship is sailing on, heaven join in the song,
While the chiming bells are ringing bright and clear. [Refrain]

As the ship is sailing out on the waters wide and deep,
Sailing o’er the foaming billows of the sea;
Tho’ we fear no danger there, as we glide the waters o’er,
Sailing on the ocean to eternity. [Refrain]

See her thro’ the velvet starlight of ether tropic sky,
Bounding on for Canaan’s bright and sunny shore;
While the sailors sweetly sing, and the bells of heaven ring,
Hear the captain shout aloud, “We’ve landed o’er.” [Refrain]