When We See The King Of Kings Appear

When we see the King of kings appear
In judgment on his throne,
When the living and the dead in Christ arise,
We will be among the glorified;
When Jesus calls his own,
When we gather to meet the Saviour in the skies.

You’ll be there, I’ll be there,
On the resurrection morning we’ll be there;
When our names are read up yonder,
From the pages white and fair,
When the general roll is call’d, we’ll all be there.

When the nations of the earth shall hear
The summons of the King
When the sav’d of earth shall meet him face to face,
We will answer when our names are call’d, And praise him as we sing
Hallelujah! for Jesus sav’d us by his grace. [Chorus]

Let us work until the Master comes,
The time may not be long,
‘Till we see the Lord of glory in the sky,
When the trumpet shall awake the dead
To meet the coming throng,
Oh, be ready, the judgment day is drawing nigh. [Chorus]