When We The Sacred Grave Survey

When I the holy grave survey,
Where once my Savior deigned to lie;
I see fulfilled what prophets say,
And all the power of death defy.

This empty tomb shall now proclaim
How weak the bands of conquered death:
Sweet pledge, that all who trust his name
Shall rise, and draw immortal breath.

Jesus, once numbered with the dead,
Unseals his eyes to sleep no more;
And ever lives, their cause to plead,
For whom the pains of death he bore.

Thy risen Lord, my soul, behold;
See the rich diadem he wears!
Thou too shalt bear an harp of gold,
To crown thy joy when he appears.

Though in the dust I lay my head,
Yet, gracious God, thou wilt not leave
My flesh forever with the dead,
Nor lose thy children in the grave.

The Hartford Selection of Hymns from the most approved authors,