When We Turn To God And Leave Our Path

When we turn to God and leave our path of sin,
When the heart, repenting, feels the need of Him;
Then our gentle loving Father, full of pardoning grace,
Comes to meet us with a kind embrace.

Coming out to meet us on the way,
Coming out to meet us, coming out to meet us,
Oh! the joyful welcome-see the Father now,
Coming out to meet us on the way.

He will guide our feet where quiet waters flow,
He will lead us onward thro’ the vale below;
With His presence and His blessing, cheer us day by day,
He will come to meet us on the way. [Refrain]

At the cold, dark stream of Jordan when we stand,
He will bear us safely to the promised land;
With His loving arm around us we shall hear Him say,
“I have come to meet you on the way.” [Refrain]