When Weary And Fainting And Ready To Die

When weary and fainting and ready to die,
To the Rock in the desert for safety I fly;
There, ‘neath its cool shelter from storms I would hide;
My soul is refreshed as in Him I abide.

O come all ye weary,
And blissfully prove
That Christ is the Rock,
And His shadow is love.

When thirsty and parched with the heat of the day,
To the Rock that was smitten I’ll haste me and say,
Give me a cool drink from Thy bountiful store,
And quickly and freely the life waters pour. [Chorus]

Though billows of sorrow around me may roll,
And dangers of midnight may trouble my soul,
I’ll haste to the Rock that is higher than I,
And safely I’ll rest till the night passeth by. [Chorus]