When With Earthly Conflicts

When with earthly conflicts weary,
Filled with fear and vague alarm;
There is one who watching o’ver me,
Shields me from all lasting harm.

Jesus leads me, Jesus leads me,
In His pastures green He feeds me,
Jesus leads me, gently leads me,
By the waters still and deep.

Pain and want and care and sorrow,
Gather round in dread array;
But with Jesus near to comfort
Prove but milestones on my way. [Refrain]

‘Tis as but a midnight tempest,
All the ills that earth can bring;
Then a glorious dawn eternal,
And a victor’s song to sing. [Refrain]

So my heart is always trusting
Tho’ the way be dark and drear.
In the knowledge of His presence,
Every cloud will disappear. [Refrain]